The Registri ecclesiatici della Diocesi di Torino details the baptisms, marriages and deaths recorded by the Catholic churches in the diocese of Torino from 1823 to 1899. Of course, this includes including those performed at Chiesa San Lorenzo Martire in Canischio. Additionally, within about ten kilometers of Canischio, there are churches in San Colombano Belmonte, Prascorsano, Pratiglione, Forno Canavese (Forno di Rivara), Pertusio, Cuorgne, Valperga, and Rivara. While many people from Canishcio lived there throughout their entire lives, it is not uncommon to find people from Canischio in the church records of nearby towns.

It is likely you will find your Canischio family members in these images. However, the images are not yet indexed and can be difficult to navigate for a beginner. Generally, the records are arranged by year and then alphabetically by town, though sometimes the alphabetization is not as you would expect. For instance, from 1823 to 1837, Pratiglione precedes Prascorsano (Latin: Pratocorsano). The two towns are sometimes sorted in this order even after 1837 when the records are in Italian. Other times, towns are misfiled or pages are missing.

From 1823 through 1837 the records are written out in longhand in Latin:

1837 Baptism Records from Canischio

Beginning in 1838, preprinted forms were filled out in Italian:

1862 Death Record from Canischio

To view the records, you will need to be logged in on FamilySearch (free account). Records are available to view online from 1823-1899.

To assist you in navigating the records, I have created an index that identifies the image number where the records for Canischio begin each year. As I have time, I’ll create indexes for nearby towns.

As always, if you have questions or want some help with tracing your family in Canischio or its surrounding areas, please feel free to leave a comment.

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