Canischio is bordered by the villages of Sparone, Cuorgnè, Alpette, San Colombano Belmonte, Pratiglione, and Prascorsano. It is not uncommon for people from those towns to appear Canischio records. Of course, we often find people from Canischio in the records of the neighboring towns as well. To ease in tracing Canischians in other town’s records, I’m working to create image indexes for the church records for the towns in the vicinity of Canischio.

As a reminder, all these records are available as part of the Registri ecclesiatici della Diocesi di Torino. I’ve written a brief introduction to this collection previously. The records have not yet been indexed and can be difficult to navigate. The image indexes allow you to quickly navigate to the records that pertain to the town you are interested in for a specific year. Remember, you will need a free account on FamilySearch to view these records.

As additional indexes are completed, links to them will be included below.

CanischioSan Lorenzo Martire
CuorgnèSan Dalmazzo
PrascorsanoSant’Andrea Apostolo
PratiglioneSan Nicolao
San Colombano BelmonteSan Grato Vescovo

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