Below is the index for the baptisms performed in Canischio in 1899. The records are imaged at FamilySearch and are part of the Registri Ecclesiastici della Diocesi di Torino (Torino), 1823-1899 collection. As usual, you will need to login with a free account to access the images.

Although not recorded in this index, the actual records usually have a rich amount of information including:

  • Baptism date of the child
  • Sex of the child
  • Birthplaces of both parents
  • Residence of parents
  • Paternal and maternal grandfathers’ names and whether or not they were living or deceased at the time of the baptism
  • Names of the godparents and the names of their fathers

You should be cautious about inferring the birthplace of the child since it is not explicitly recorded. However, many of the children whose parents are listed as residents of Canischio were also born in Canischio. Beginning in 1866, you can confirm birthplaces using Civil Registration records. Indexes and links to the Civil Registration records from 1866-1900 are found on the Births page of this site.

Note that image 671 and image 672 are the same.

6675 Feb 1899Bianco, MaddalenaBianco, AgostinoFerro, Libera
67414 Oct 1899Boggio, CarloBoggio, GiuseppePeradotto, Lucia
66726 Jan 1899Braida, GiuseppeBraida, AgostinoEnrietto, Domenica
671, 6727 Aug 1899Calcio, Gioanni GiuseppeCalcio, Gio BattistaMagnino, Marianna
671, 67224 Aug 1899Cima, Rosa AngelaCima, GioanniBergera, Virginia
6738 Sep 1899Crosetto, Efisio MicheleCrosetto, GiuseppeChiavario, Domenica
671, 6726 Aug 1899Crosetto, SavinoCrosetto, GioanniBianco, Francesca
67323 Sep 1899Dansero, GiacomoDansero, BernardoGagliardo, Cecilia
6747 Oct 1899Dionisio, Unnamed SonDionisio, VincenzoGioannini, Maddalena
671, 67219 Aug 1899Donna, Gioanni BattistaDonna, Gio BattistaDonna, Catterina
66930 May 1899Donna, Giuseppe Donna, AlessioCinotto, Domenica
67327 Aug 1899Fassino, Ersilia LuciaFassino, AntonioCampasso, Maria
66826 Apr 1899Ferro, Giuseppina MariaFerro, FilippoFogliasso, Maria
66612 Jan 1899Frasca, DomenicaUnknownFrasca, Virginia
66928 May 1899Frasca, Ricardo StefanoFrasca, Gio BattistaFerro, Catterina
67511 Nov 1899Gagliardi, Bernardo MartinoGagliardi, MicheleCrosetto, Albina
66711 Feb 1899Gagliardo, MicheleGagliardo, DomenicoBianco, Cecilia
6682 May 1899Giacoma, FedericoGiacoma, GiuseppeGiorgis, Gioanna
6682 May 1899Giacoma, FeliceGiacoma, GiuseppeGiorgis, Gioanna
67424 Oct 1899Giacometto, Catterina EmmaGiacometto, AntonioBianco, Lucia
66921 May 1899Ginardi, Gio Battista FeliceGinardi, PietroDonna, Catterina
66914 Apr 1899Gioannini, Davide Gio BattistaGioannini, MichelangeloFrasca, Angela
66726 Jan 1899Gioannini, GiuseppeGioannini, AugustoGioannini, Marianna
6751 Dec 1899Gioannini, Maria MaddalenaGioannini, CarloBianco, Domenica
67024 Jul 1899Moschero, GiuseppeMoschero, GiuseppeFassino, Rosalia
67516 Dec 1899Mour, Unnamed SonMour, StefanoGinardi, Catterina
674Nov 1896Nasi, MariaUnknownNasi, Maria
66613 Jan 1899Peradotto, BernardoPeradotto, Gio BattistaFerrero, Virginia
6709 Jun 1899Prina, MariaPrina, GiovanniBianco, Domenica
67323 Sep 1899Raimonda, CelestinaRaimonda, FrancescoNegri, Maria 
67511 Dec 1899Riva, Giuseppe FeliceRiva, DomenicoBianco, M. Catterina
66814 Apr 1899Rolle, PietroRolle, GioanniBianco, Teresa
67015 Jul 1899Savio-Cuino, Teresa CamillaSavio-Cuino, GioanniCinotto, Catterina
6707 Jul 1899Savio, Anna MariaSavio, FilippoGagliardo, Domenica

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