This is the index for marriages recorded in 1898 in Canischio, Torino, Piedmont, Italy. Images for these records can be found at Matrimoni 1898. This index also has data that was pulled from the Allegati (vari) 1892-1898. These records are packets of documents such as birth records for the groom and bride, death records for parents and/or prior spouses, and publication of banns.

Groom: Bianco, Vitale Gioanni
Year: 1898         Image: 2         Record: 1
         Groom’s Father: Bianco, Gioanni Battista
           Groom’s Paternal Grandfather: Bianco, Domenico (m. Moschero, Maria Domenica)
         Groom’s Mother: Frasca, Maria
           Groom’s Maternal Grandfather: Frasca, Gioanni Bartolomeo (m. Ginardi, Maria Catarina)
Groom’s Previous Spouse(s):

Bride: Gioannini, Domenica
         Bride’s Father: Gioannini, Antonio
           Bride’s Paternal Grandfather: Gioannini, Gioanni Battista (m. Gagliardo, Domenica)
         Bride’s Mother: Ferro-Bosone, Margarita
           Bride’s Maternal Grandfather: Ferro-Bosone, Antonio (m. Giorgis, Maria Domenica)
Bride’s Previous Spouse(s):

Groom: Donna, Costantino Alessio
Year: 1898         Image: 3         Record: 3
         Groom’s Father: Donna, Giuseppe
           Groom’s Paternal Grandfather: Donna, Giuseppe (m. Cinotto, Antonia)
         Groom’s Mother: Marca, Antonia
           Groom’s Maternal Grandfather: Marca, Pietro
Groom’s Previous Spouse(s):

Bride: Cinotto, Riparada Domenica
         Bride’s Father: Cinotto, Vincenzo
           Bride’s Paternal Grandfather: Cinotto, Simone (m. Gagliardo, Maria)
         Bride’s Mother: Frasca, Catarina
           Bride’s Maternal Grandfather: Frasca, Gioanni Battista (m. Braida, Domenica)
Bride’s Previous Spouse(s):

Groom: Fassino, Giuseppe
Year: 1898         Image: 2         Record: 2
         Groom’s Father: Fassino, Antonio
           Groom’s Paternal Grandfather: Fassino, Giuseppe (m. Savio, Francesca)
         Groom’s Mother: Ferro, Maria Lucia
           Groom’s Maternal Grandfather: Ferro, Giuseppe (m. Gagliardo, Angela Maria)
Groom’s Previous Spouse(s):

Bride: Campasso, Maria Angela
         Bride’s Father: Campasso, Pietro
           Bride’s Paternal Grandfather: Campasso, Bernardo (m. Bosone, Maria Domenica)
         Bride’s Mother: Bianco, Maria
           Bride’s Maternal Grandfather: Bianco, Domenico (m. Frasca, Lucia)
Bride’s Previous Spouse(s):

Groom: Riva, Giuseppe Domenico
Year: 1898         Image: 3         Record: 4
         Groom’s Father: Riva, Giuseppe Antonio
           Groom’s Paternal Grandfather: Riva, Giuseppe Antonio (m. Riva-Dogliat, Maria Paola)
         Groom’s Mother: Picco, Maria Domenica
           Groom’s Maternal Grandfather:
Groom’s Previous Spouse(s): 1. Blessent, Maria Catarina (parents: Blessent, Gioanni Bernardo & Blessent, Maria Gioanna) 2. Magnino, Maria Maddalena (parents: Magnino, Gioanni Antonio & Calcio-Michelleto, Maria Margara)

Bride: Bianco, Maria Catarina
         Bride’s Father: Bianco, Giuseppe
           Bride’s Paternal Grandfather: Bianco, Domenico (m. Donna, Catarina)
         Bride’s Mother: Fogliasso, Angela
           Bride’s Maternal Grandfather: Fogliasso, Bernardo (m. Cinotto, Vittoria)
Bride’s Previous Spouse(s):

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