This is an index for the marriage banns published in Canischio, Italy from 1921-1928. Records are listed alphabetically. Use the find function in your browser to locate a particular individual. All names follow the format LastName, GivenName(s). Locate images at FamilySearch in the Pubblicazioni 1901-1928 collection for Canischio.

Groom: Bianchetta, Francesco
Year: 1922         Image: 143         Record: 8
         Groom’s Father: Bianchetta, Ernesto
         Groom’s Mother: Cattarello, Catarina
Bride: Gioannini, Prosperina
         Bride’s Father: Gioannini, Stefano
         Bride’s Mother: Ferrero, Domenica

Groom: Bianco, Andrea
Year: 1923         Image: 150         Record: 4
         Groom’s Father: Bianco, Pietro
         Groom’s Mother: Bosone, Maria Maddalena
Bride: Fogliasso, Maria Angela
         Bride’s Father: Fogliasso, Domenico
         Bride’s Mother: Donna, Francesca

Groom: Bianco, Federico
Year: 1921         Image: 137         Record: 2
         Groom’s Father: Bianco, Giacomo
         Groom’s Mother: Cinotto, Maria
Bride: Querio, Maria Gioanna
         Bride’s Father: Querio, Antonio
         Bride’s Mother: Gaspardo-Moro, Luigia

Groom: Bottaro, Alessandro Fernando
Year: 1922         Image: 140         Record: 1
         Groom’s Father: Bottaro, Valentino
         Groom’s Mother: Arduno, Vittoria
Bride: Marca, Olimpia Maria
         Bride’s Father: Marca, Pietro
         Bride’s Mother: Gioannini, Maria

Groom: Brezzoli, Calisto
Year: 1928         Image: 176         Record: 1
         Groom’s Father:
         Groom’s Mother:
Bride: Cinotto, Paolina Eugenia
         Bride’s Father: Cinotto, Antonio
         Bride’s Mother: Ferro, Maria Lucia

Groom: Cairoli, Emilio
Year: 1927         Image: 174         Record: 1
         Groom’s Father: Cairoli, Giosue
         Groom’s Mother: Brummer, Ermina
Bride: Giacometto, Teresa Giulietta
         Bride’s Father: Giacometto, Lorenzo
         Bride’s Mother: Ameri, Francesca

Groom: Carrera, Pietro Pancrasio
Year: 1927         Image: 172         Record: 4
         Groom’s Father: Carrera, Luigi
         Groom’s Mother: Girot, Catarina
Bride: Danzero, Letizia Maria
         Bride’s Father: Danzero, Bernardo
         Bride’s Mother: Gagliardo, Maria Cecilia

Groom: Cattarello, Bernardo Giuseppe
Year: 1925         Image: 161         Record: 2
         Groom’s Father: Cattarello, Domencio
         Groom’s Mother: Savio, Catarina
Bride: Crosetto, Domenica
         Bride’s Father: Crosetto, Pietro
         Bride’s Mother: Donna, Maria Rosa

Groom: Cattarello, Gioanni Michele
Year: 1926         Image: 167         Record: 3
         Groom’s Father: Cattarello, Giacomo
         Groom’s Mother: Beltramo, Maria Cecilia
Bride: Donna, Anna Maria
         Bride’s Father: Donna, Pietro
         Bride’s Mother: Donna, Maddalena Maria

Groom: Ceretto, Pietro
Year: 1923         Image: 152         Record: 8
         Groom’s Father: Ceretto, Paolo
         Groom’s Mother: Ae?is-Perino, Rosa
Bride: Ferro, Angela Maria
         Bride’s Father: Ferro, Filippo
         Bride’s Mother: Fogliasso, Maria

Groom: Cinotto, Agostino Orazio
Year: 1921         Image: 131         Record: 3
         Groom’s Father: Cinotto, Agostino
         Groom’s Mother: Gioannini, Carolina
Bride: Sandrono, Rosa Carolina
         Bride’s Father: Sandrono, Bartolomeo
         Bride’s Mother: Raschiotti, Eufrasia

Groom: Collino, Costanzo
Year: 1921         Image: 138         Record: 4
         Groom’s Father: Collino, Antonio
         Groom’s Mother: Severino, Catarina
Bride: Nicoletta, Maria Rosa
         Bride’s Father: Nicoletta, Giuseppe
         Bride’s Mother: Peretto, Antonia

Groom: Crosetto, Alessandro
Year: 1924         Image: 158         Record: 4
         Groom’s Father: Crosetto, Giuseppe
         Groom’s Mother: Chiavario, Maria Domenica
Bride: Ferro, Giuseppina Maria
         Bride’s Father: Ferro, Filippo
         Bride’s Mother: Fogliasso, Maria Lucia

Groom: Crosetto, Gioanni Cesare
Year: 1928         Image: 178         Record: 1
         Groom’s Father: Crosetto, Luigi
         Groom’s Mother: Chiavario, Gioanna
Bride: Remonda, Lucia Marianna
         Bride’s Father: Remonda, Gioanni
         Bride’s Mother: Mussatto, Anna

Groom: Crosetto, Gioanni Domenico
Year: 1926         Image: 166         Record: 1
         Groom’s Father: Crosetto, Bernardo
         Groom’s Mother: Cima, Paola
Bride: Braida, Teresa
         Bride’s Father: Braida, Agostino
         Bride’s Mother: Enrietto, Domenica

Groom: Donna, Gioanni Battista
Year: 1922         Image: 143         Record: 7
         Groom’s Father: Donna, Giuseppe
         Groom’s Mother: Marca, Antonia
Bride: Frasca, Felicita
         Bride’s Father: Frasca, Bartolomeo
         Bride’s Mother: Ferro, Domenica

Groom: Donna, Lorenzo Giuseppe
Year: 1921         Image: 134         Record: 10
         Groom’s Father: Donna, Domenico
         Groom’s Mother: Donna, Maria
Bride: Frasca, Laura
         Bride’s Father: Frasco, Domenico
         Bride’s Mother: Gioannini, Maria Domenica

Groom: Feira, Gioanni Domenico
Year: 1923         Image: 150         Record: 3
         Groom’s Father: Feira, Martino
         Groom’s Mother: Ceretto, Rosa
Bride: Cerini, Maria Onorina
         Bride’s Father: Unknown
         Bride’s Mother: Cerini, Margarita

Groom: Feira, Martino Domenico
Year: 1927         Image: 171         Record: 2
         Groom’s Father: Feira, Martino
         Groom’s Mother: Ceretto, Rosa
Bride: Mor, Rita Catarina Ida
         Bride’s Father: Mor, Stefano
         Bride’s Mother: Ginardi, Domenica

Groom: Fenoglio, Giacomo
Year: 1923         Image: 151         Record: 5
         Groom’s Father: Fenoglio, Giacomo
         Groom’s Mother: Gaddo, Anna Maria
Bride: Frasca, Maria Vincenza
         Bride’s Father: Frasca, Antonio
         Bride’s Mother: Cinotto, Domenica

Groom: Fenoglio, Gioanni
Year: 1922         Image: 145         Record: 11
         Groom’s Father: Fenoglio, Luigi
         Groom’s Mother: Danzero, Rosa
Bride: Ferro, Maddalena Elvira
         Bride’s Father: Ferro, Lorenzo Telesforo
         Bride’s Mother: Bianco, Domenica

Groom: Fogliasso, Giuseppe
Year: 1922         Image: 140         Record: 2
         Groom’s Father: Fogliasso, Antonio
         Groom’s Mother: Fogliasso, Maria
Bride: Frasca, Virginia
         Bride’s Father: Frasca, Carlo
         Bride’s Mother: Donna, Catarina

Groom: Fogliasso, Pietro
Year: 1922         Image: 141         Record: 3
         Groom’s Father: Fogliasso, Giuseppe
         Groom’s Mother: Bosone, Maria
Bride: Cattarello, Angela Maddalena
         Bride’s Father: Cattarello, Pietro
         Bride’s Mother: Donna, Natalina Maria

Groom: Fogliasso, Pietro
Year: 1921         Image: 133         Record: 7
         Groom’s Father: Fogliasso, Pietro
         Groom’s Mother: Bosone, Maria Domenica
Bride: Gioannini, Maria
         Bride’s Father: Gioannini, Agostino Antonio
         Bride’s Mother: Gioannini, Maria Anna

Groom: Frasca, Alessio
Year: 1926         Image: 166         Record: 2
         Groom’s Father: Frasca, Domenico
         Groom’s Mother: Savio, Maria
Bride: Gioannini, Anna
         Bride’s Father: Gioannini, Agostino
         Bride’s Mother: Gioannini, Maria Anna

Groom: Frasca, Domenico
Year: 1922         Image: 142         Record: 6
         Groom’s Father: Frasca, Carlo
         Groom’s Mother: Donna, Anna
Bride: Ginardi, Catarina
         Bride’s Father: Ginardi, Lorenzo
         Bride’s Mother: Fusellini, Claudia

Groom: Frasca, Giuseppe
Year: 1922         Image: 142         Record: 5
         Groom’s Father: Frasca, Carlo
         Groom’s Mother: Donna, Catarina
Bride: Donna, Anna Maria
         Bride’s Father: Donna, Domenico
         Bride’s Mother: Frasca, Maria Rosa

Groom: Frasca, Vincenzo
Year: 1923         Image: 152         Record: 7
         Groom’s Father: Frasca, Filippo
         Groom’s Mother: Bosone, Catarina
Bride: Cinotto, Angela Ludovina Marietta
         Bride’s Father: Cinotto, Gioanni
         Bride’s Mother: Donna, Maria Felicita

Groom: Gabaria, Felice
Year: 1921         Image: 134         Record: 9
         Groom’s Father: Gabaria, Saverio
         Groom’s Mother: Serena, Elena
Bride: Donna, Maddalena Angela
         Bride’s Father: Donna, Domenico
         Bride’s Mother: Donna, Maria Margarita

Groom: Gagliardo, Pietro Albino Rinaldo
Year: 1928         Image: 179         Record: 3
         Groom’s Father: Gagliardo, Bernardo
         Groom’s Mother: Zerboglio, Lucia Petronilla
Bride: Morgando, Lucia
         Bride’s Father: Morgando, Domenico
         Bride’s Mother: Vietto, Lucia

Groom: Giacometto, Edoardo
Year: 1925         Image: 164         Record: 1
         Groom’s Father: Giacometto, Lorenzo
         Groom’s Mother: Ameri, Francesca
Bride: Schaubeck, Sofia
         Bride’s Father: Schaubeck, Massimo
         Bride’s Mother: Degen, Maria

Groom: Giacometto, Giuseppe Domenico
Year: 1923         Image: 155         Record: 1
         Groom’s Father: Giacometto, Lorenzo
         Groom’s Mother: Ameri, Francesca
Bride: Disler, Lina
         Bride’s Father: Disler, Giuseppe
         Bride’s Mother: Reis, Catarina

Groom: Ginardi, Domenico Coradino
Year: 1921         Image: 130         Record: 2
         Groom’s Father: Ginardi, Antonio
         Groom’s Mother: Frasca, Angela
Bride: Fassino, Maria
         Bride’s Father: Fassino, Pietro
         Bride’s Mother: Rossio, Giuseppina

Groom: Ginardi, Luigi
Year: 1923         Image: 151         Record: 6
         Groom’s Father: Ginardi, Domenico
         Groom’s Mother: Donna-Bedino, Domenica
Bride: Donna, Antonia Domenica
         Bride’s Father: Donna, Gioanni
         Bride’s Mother: Savio-Bedino, Angela

Groom: Gioannini, Carlo Dorino
Year: 1923         Image: 149         Record: 2
         Groom’s Father: Gioannini, Stefano
         Groom’s Mother: Ferrero, Domenica
Bride: Savio, Maria Gioanna
         Bride’s Father: Savio, Domenico
         Bride’s Mother: Gioannini, Catarina

Groom: Gioannini, Gioanni Nicolao
Year: 1924         Image: 157         Record: 2
         Groom’s Father: Gioannini, Gioanni
         Groom’s Mother: Buffo, Rosa
Bride: Bianco, Maria
         Bride’s Father: Bianco, Vittale Gioanni
         Bride’s Mother: Gioannini, Domenica

Groom: Gioannini, Martino
Year: 1921         Image: 132         Record: 6
         Groom’s Father: Gioannini, Antonio
         Groom’s Mother: Ferro-Bosone, Margarita
Bride: Donna, Maria Margarita
         Bride’s Father: Donna, Domenico
         Bride’s Mother: Gioannini, Angela Maria

Groom: Gioannini, Pietro Gioanni
Year: 1922         Image: 141         Record: 4
         Groom’s Father: Gioannini, Antonio
         Groom’s Mother: Ferro-Bosone, Margarita
Bride: Gioannini, Maria Vincenza
         Bride’s Father: Gioannini, Michelangelo
         Bride’s Mother: Frasca, Alberta Angela

Groom: Gioannini, Vincenzo
Year: 1925         Image: 161         Record: 1
         Groom’s Father: Gioannini, Gioanni Battista
         Groom’s Mother: Gioannini, Anna Lucia
Bride: Gioannini, Anna Consolina
         Bride’s Father: Gioannini, Lorenzo
         Bride’s Mother: Gioannini, Domenica

Groom: Gioannini, Vincenzo
Year: 1928         Image: 178         Record: 2
         Groom’s Father: Gioannini, Lorenzo
         Groom’s Mother: Gioannini, Domenica
Bride: Tha, Maria
         Bride’s Father: Tha, Giuseppe
         Bride’s Mother: Cortino, Carolina

Groom: Giorgis, Martino
Year: 1921         Image: 132         Record: 5
         Groom’s Father: Giorgis, Antonio
         Groom’s Mother: Cugno, Marianna
Bride: Pecchenino, Anna Maria Domenica
         Bride’s Father: Pecchenino, Gioanni
         Bride’s Mother: Giorgis, Maria

Groom: Modena, Raimondo Antonio
Year: 1921         Image: 137         Record: 1
         Groom’s Father: Modena, Raimondo
         Groom’s Mother: Bottini, Angela Maria
Bride: Crosetto, Francesca
         Bride’s Father: Unknown
         Bride’s Mother: Crosetto, Domenica

Groom: Olandali, Ermenegildo
Year: 1927         Image: 174         Record: 2
         Groom’s Father: Olandali, Lepido
         Groom’s Mother: Gallo, Carolina
Bride: Cinotto, Ermelinda Carolina
         Bride’s Father: Cinotto, Simone
         Bride’s Mother: Cinotto, Maria

Groom: Olgarin, Giuseppe Gioanni
Year: 1923         Image: 149         Record: 1
         Groom’s Father: Olgarin, Costantino
         Groom’s Mother: Vaira, Maria Domenica
Bride: Cattarello, Anna
         Bride’s Father: Cattarello, Pietro
         Bride’s Mother: Donna, Natalina

Groom: Pecchenino, Domenico
Year: 1927         Image: 171         Record: 1
         Groom’s Father: Pecchenino, Gioanni Battista
         Groom’s Mother: Ferro, Domenica
Bride: Gagliardo, Pulcheria Vitalina
         Bride’s Father: Unknown
         Bride’s Mother: Gagliardo, Maria Catarina

Groom: Pecchenino, Giacomo
Year: 1921         Image: 130         Record: 1
         Groom’s Father: Pecchenino, Giuseppe
         Groom’s Mother: Ferrero, Francesca
Bride: Ferro, Catarina
         Bride’s Father: Ferro, Pietro
         Bride’s Mother: Gioannini, Maria Margarita

Groom: Picco, Giuseppe Gioanni
Year: 1921         Image: 133         Record: 8
         Groom’s Father: Picco, Gioanni
         Groom’s Mother: Ferro-Bosone, Antonia
Bride: Trabucco, Felicia Anna
         Bride’s Father: Unknown
         Bride’s Mother: Trabucco, Teresa

Groom: Raimonda, Domenico
Year: 1921         Image: 138         Record: 3
         Groom’s Father: Raimonda, Giuseppe
         Groom’s Mother: Negri, Cecilia
Bride: Crosetto, Lucia
         Bride’s Father: Crosetto, Pietro
         Bride’s Mother: Telaro, Angela

Groom: Raimonda, Giuseppe
Year: 1924         Image: 157         Record: 1
         Groom’s Father: Raimonda, Francesco
         Groom’s Mother: Negri, Maria
Bride: Gioannini, Rosa Maria
         Bride’s Father: Gioannini, Stefano
         Bride’s Mother: Ferrero, Domenica

Groom: Reinaroni, Gioanni Battista Maurizio
Year: 1924         Image: 158         Record: 3
         Groom’s Father: Reinaroni, Giuseppe
         Groom’s Mother: Blessent, Maria Catarina
Bride: Donna, Maddalena
         Bride’s Father: Donna, Domenico
         Bride’s Mother: Ceretto-Castiglione, Teresa

Groom: Roscio, Giacomo
Year: 1922         Image: 144         Record: 10
         Groom’s Father: Roscio, Giuseppe
         Groom’s Mother: Cinotto, Catarina
Bride: Bianco, Delfina Emma
         Bride’s Father: Bianco, Agostino
         Bride’s Mother: Ferro, Maria Libera

Groom: Sala, Gioanni Domenico
Year: 1921         Image: 131         Record: 4
         Groom’s Father: Sala, Domenico
         Groom’s Mother: Donna, Maria Domenica
Bride: Bosone, Angela Domenica
         Bride’s Father: Bosone, Giuseppe
         Bride’s Mother: Donna, Domenica

Groom: Savio, Angelo Gioanni
Year: 1925         Image: 162         Record: 3
         Groom’s Father: Savio, Domenico
         Groom’s Mother: Frasca, Teresa
Bride: Marca, Pasqualina
         Bride’s Father: Marca, Giuseppe
         Bride’s Mother: Cinotto, Maria

Groom: Trione, Agostino Maria
Year: 1921         Image: 135         Record: 11
         Groom’s Father: Trione, Pietro
         Groom’s Mother: Boggio, Luigia
Bride: Bosone, Domenica Virginia
         Bride’s Father: Bosone, Giuseppe
         Bride’s Mother: Donna, Maria Domenica

Groom: Vaira, Giacomo
Year: 1922         Image: 144         Record: 9
         Groom’s Father: Vaira, Mattia
         Groom’s Mother: Cavallo, Antonia
Bride: Cima, Domenica Properina
         Bride’s Father: Cima, Antonio
         Bride’s Mother: Roscio, Antonia

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